When talking about the "Digital Workplace", many people think it tackles your internal offices only. This happens at your company, at your customers' companies, at your suppliers' companies, ... But you work together with your customers and suppliers. So you send e-mail. Lots of it. And you have meetings, lots of them.
And you lose track of progress. Most of the time.
So honestly, you're not working together, are you?


Our approach to the digital workplace is different, we don't just focus on employee engagement only.  We don't focus on customer experience only. We bridge the gap between both worlds with a workplace that addresses all of their needs.


Employees, customers, suppliers and partners

It's all about your organizations' inner circle: your customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Don't leave them uninformed, provide them with all the assets they need to work together as a whole. Treat each stakeholder as a VIP by including them in your digital workplace efforts.


From vision to realization

Here at Work, we've got some pretty awesome consultants. We cover a very broad skill set. We have enterprise architects for aligning your IT and business. Others are  integration specialists that know exactly where to poke to get your applications to talk. And finally we have our supercharged digital workplace specialists that know what works and what doesn't work when collaborating.


It's all about data and content

Knowledge is power. Sitting on information without having insight is not really powerful. Get insight into your information assets by looking at them from different angles, converting them into knowledge. Let this knowledge and its insight be the driver for decisions to attain your strategic goals.


But don't just believe what we say. Read these customer cases and be convinced!

eReps is an online platform that allows installers and large customers to customize their ventilation and sunscreen products in an online product configurator and allows quick offer creation with interactive messaging functionality. 

Orders are processed faster and with lower error rate.

Customers get an interactive portfolio overview of their trademarks and allows searching and visualizing their service portfolio. At the same time, Gevers can approach their clients more proactively for new business generation.

Customers get insight faster without employee interaction.

Registration and follow-up of electronics manufacturers is automatically linked to invoicing, and allows these partners to view their current situation in an online portal.

Partners are closely monitored and informed.


We believe a shared digital workplace is the key to successful business. You're not alone, you're part of a larger value chain.
Why not participate in that value chain and invest in your partners before and after you in that chain.  
Building a smart and innovative network that includes your own employees, your clients and your stakeholders can bring you many benefits.
You can foster an ecosystem that brings people together, brings information to the right people and creates transparency in your organization and beyond.

Collaboration - when you create an environment where collaboration is cultivated and supported by the correct tools, your     ecosystem of partners can only gain from it. Employees will connect to each other and customers, share their knowledge, support each other which will result in higher efficiency and happier customers

Decision insight - both data (tables) and content (documents) are the basis of your decisions every day. They should provide you with insight that leverages your valuable information, so you can take those tough decisions in an informed manner.

Innovation - stand out from the crowd. Leverage the right tools for the right purpose and augment your digital experience for all your stakeholders. With these innovative tools, your customers and employees will drive your organization forward, resulting in a competitive advantage and a motivated workforce.

Knowledge retention - most of your organization's value lies in the combined knowledge of your employees. Foster this knowledge to attain your business goals faster, support your customers effectively and with consistent quality. By doing this, you are more prepared for workforce planning, employee aging and job hopping.


We have standardized methods, trained consultants, a spotless track record, great references, ...
But everyone can say that. We want you to experience it yourself in a short co-creation sprint.
We'll convince you to take the next step forward after that with us.

Problem definition

~ 1-2 days

Tell us your top 1 priority, we'll refine it to a small fixed scoped with enough added value to show you what we're made of.

Information & endpoints

~ 2-4 days

Let's talk technical - with your IT and partners. We'll identify the information sources we need and start architecting to get to a quick and dirty result.


~ 2-3 days

We'll build a dashboard, or do some analytics, or make a small portal with actual data. Efficient and fast-paced, but valuable to you.
When you're happy with the result, let's talk about rolling out your digital ecosystem workplace roadmap.

Don't be afraid to dream

Once you're set on a co-creation track with us, we can start creating future plans. 

We'll help you set up your governance office, introduce change management concepts, set up your digital workplace roadmap and guide you through all the stages until you're completely satisfied.


Share your top priority with us, we'll tell you how we can leverage our knowledge to touch down on your goals.