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Interconnectivity as your Digital Workplace amplifier

By Jens Bontinck - Dec 1st 2016

In my day-to-day business, I get in touch with a lot of people, and very often I realize that we're only talking about 3 main things: complex processes, inefficient paperwork and zero connection with colleagues. But in fact we're just talking about the all-known, almost sacred nowadays, "digital workplace". This game-changing combination of those two buzzwords is all around these days.

But why? And what it's all about? Are we talking about proces optimalisation? Are we talking about introducing or improving content management systems? Or are we even introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural language Processing (NLP) to your peers desks? Where does digital workplace start and where does it end?

To be honest, there is no one-size-fits-all, self-explanatory answer to that million dollar question. 

And this is where our plane takes off, not to seach for a copy-pasted answer for our customers, but to go that extra mile and approach their specific business needs. Our main goal is to provide a sustainable, future-proof "digital" solution.

Our starting point emerged from our belief in a digital workplace for everyone. Not just for you and your colleagues, but also for your customers, your suppliers and your business partners. In fact, we believe that the level of interconnection of all those stakeholders amplifies the inner strengh of your digital workplace. This will serve as a solid base towards an optimal, innovative and digital eco-system that will drive all stakeholders to better communication and to efficient collaboration.

I often explain this to our customers using one of my favorite metaphore, stating that the current digital workplace is like an electric family car. (yes, they are as wondered as you are right now :-) ) Let me explain: your drive to modernize and to improve your operational work is your fuel , your people are your engine , you can take all your peers with you, and your emission to your environment is the added value, being improved communication and collaboration. Your business goals and vision will serve as a reliable GPS , guiding your organisation to the horizon.

Now put yourselves in the interconnection point of view. Asking how to level up the interconnection, can be translated to:

    How do we level up our communication ?

    How do we level up our collaboration ?

Good, reliable communication and efficiency are key in today's business 'culture'. We are all familiar with the expression "time is money", organisations want to communicate with all stakeholders in a fast and reliable and, above all, a digital way. And preferably even pro-active, if possible. People get outnumbered by paper and are urging for the new digital way of working. We believe that, by offering the right tools to your employees, this goal is within reach. We must admit, business-at-the-speed-of-paper is unacceptable.

The notion of tools may imply a few pitfalls when focussing on providing tools and technology instead of putting your people as valuable centerpiece. "What is the city but the people?", said by Hamlets godfather. But the power of those tools is that they give you a way to handle your key information and allow you and your peers to collaborate on it. That's why a balanced relation between people and tools is key to improve the interconnectivity of your digital workplace.

Digital transformation projects often end in the crash barrier when they aren't scoped along the bigger picture, like sport car drivers whom are enjoying the momentum of (too much) speed. In fact, it's all about changing the way of working, engaging employees and aligning all connected stakeholders. We believe that a controlled and steady transformation is the way to go.

Are you curious how this would affect your business issues? Think of your top 1 priority and how this relates to a technological challenge and get in touch.

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